BUILD APPS with the Laminar Data Hub

As an Application Developer you need to focus on building apps, not sourcing and managing data which can take up to 80% of your project cost and time. The Laminar Data Hub enables you to quickly build operational applications by using our developer-friendly APIs to access harmonized flight, weather and aeronautical data, all hosted in a secure cloud platform. In addition to data from some of the leading private data suppliers (such as FlightAware) and authoritative sources (such as the FAA and EUROCONTROL) our unique data fusion and data harmonization algorithms combine data feeds from multiple sources to create value-added services for you to incorporate in your applications. Importantly, the Laminar Data Hub handles all of the data management and data hosting, enabling you to get to market at a fraction of the time, cost and complexity previously possible.

With the first 5000 hits free and scalable subscription pricing starting at less than £0.01 per hit, the Laminar Data Hub lets you start small with hundreds of hits and scale big to millions of hits per day.



*Access to data sets subject to Snowflake approval, please contact us to find out more.


Price per hit in a monthly period Band One Band Two
5001 – 60000 £0.0050 $0.0073 £0.0057 $0.0083
60001 – 150000 £0.0045 $0.0065 £0.0052 $0.0075
150001 – 500000 £0.0040 $0.0058 £0.0046 $0.0067
500001 + Contact Us

All prices above are excluding any applicable sales tax or VAT.

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