LaminarX: Access Prototype GeoJSON APIs

Welcome to LaminarX!

We’re constantly hard at work creating new APIs, so much so that we created a whole platform dedicated to giving our users access to new APIs – before their release! This is a place where we make all of our prototype APIs available to users who are looking to source valuable flight, weather, NOTAM and regulation data in GeoJSON format.

What’s more, you can now be a part of our production process, by giving us feedback on the APIs we make available here.  What works?  Where was the pain in using the APIs? Help us design the best APIs we can! 

We’ve been working hard to provide web app friendly GeoJSON versions of our existing Flight Position and Flight Data APIs.  These APIs combine the depth and wealth of geospatial data in our XML APIs with a much more lightweight payload which you can natively use with a range of common mapping tools like Leaflet and Google Maps.

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Data Band 1 Band 2
Flight Data Global
Flights by Tile*; Flights by Airline*; Flights by Aerodrome Pair; Surface Movement by Aerodrome 
Weather Data Global
METARs By Aerodrome; SIGMETs By ICAO Prefix (static data)
NOTAM Data Global
NOTAMs By FIR; NOTAMs By ID (static data)
Regulation Data European
Airspace Regulations By ICAO Prefix* (static data); Aerodrome Regulations By ICAO Prefix* (static data)

*Access to data sets subject to Snowflake approval, please contact us to find out more.

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