SHARE DATA with the Laminar Data Private Cloud

As an Airport, ANSP or Airline your valuable data is locked up in systems. The complexity and operational nature of those systems make sharing data a complex and costly task preventing key operational problems from getting solved. The Laminar Data Private Cloud enables you to selectively and securely share your operational data through developer-friendly APIs on a dedicated private cloud platform.

Choose from a number of custom on-ramp packages to get your business specific data onto the platform or use one of our off-the-shelf data connectors to on-ramp data from a number of leading providers including: FlightAware, Flightstats, Innovata, EUROCONTROL and the FAA.

With additional options for value-added data processing, custom API key management and billing, the Laminar Data Private Cloud is a complete Platform as a Service (PaaS) enabling you to manage, share and monetize your data.


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